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Analyzing my $TSLA Trades Today

The last 24 hours have been a wild ride for Tesla. An upgrade from Goldman yesterday morning gave shares a nice boost, only to later give up those gains in the after hours after Tesla announced a stock offering of over $2 Billion. Today’s trading session would be an...

My Best Options Trade Ever

Yesterday afternoon I decided to buy GMCR puts ahead of earnings. I bought the 60 weekly puts for $0.12. I sold them today for $6.00 even. That is a 5000% profit. I have not played many earnings this season because I wanted to better manage my risk but the risk/reward...

3 Reasons Why I Love Trading Butterflies

Posted 3/31/15 20:35pm Over the last few weeks I have started to trade butterflies more frequently. I have been trying out a new strategy to fit my risk profile while increasing my profits exponentially with little added risk. The one thing that is needed to trade...

Why I am Buying USO Calls

Posted 12/30/2014 9:02pm Oil has been one of the most telegraphed stories of 2014, as we have seen Oil plummet 50% from the high. Right now Crude Oil is at $53 per barrel, the lowest it has been in over 5.5 years. While it is hard to say that this is the bottom for...

Playing for a Year-End Rally

Posted November 30, 2014 7:55pm December is typically one of the strongest months of the year. It is usually a month that has very little volatility and slowly melts higher. The question is how should one play a year-end rally? I think the best way to play for a...